Monday, April 19, 2010

Classroom electricity meters

Long time back when I used to conduct trainings on environmental audits... a very introvert teacher from Ludhiana asked me a question, while I was explaining energy audits. He said "Sir...Can't we put sub meters in everyclass?". It took me a while to understand his question and so did the other participants. But when we all got it...we all stood up and clapped for the had kept the entire day in the training.

What he meant was why not put a small sub meter in every classroom and monitor its energy consumption. He promptly added later that a sub meter costs Rs 150 in Ludhiana.

Generations of school principals have given long speeches in the morning assembly asking studetns to switch off lights etc...but no one seems to care or bother.

Figure this out... what if we put a sub-meter outside every class...lets say 6th A and 6th B. At the begining of everymonth...take the meter to zero and tell all the students that at the end of the month...we will see who consumes more electricity. I bet this will certainly lead to getting those lights and fans swithched off promptly.

Well...thats my dream at the moment. To have a school, in which every classroom has an electricity meter.

Imagine the precision of a electric energy audit at this place and if the data is fed in a would be able to know...which areas are consuming more energy.

And believe me a sub meter actually costs that low... I have personally done a survey in Lajpat Rai market(Chandni Chowk) about the same. The best one would be around Rs 600.

Try it...I am sure it will work.

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