Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bihar and Bihar Curriculum Framework

Life took me to SCERT Bihar. A place which is the center stage of pedagogy in Bihar. And it was an experience to be remembered.

The place itself was awesome. The Bihar SCERT is housed in a palatial building ( as my friend Sushant puts it) and it is indeed palatial. Informal conversations revealed that some portions of the campus were used in World War II. That makes it historic.

But this isnt only about the historicity of the place.

For me it was surprising that a state of India, which is considered to be at the bottom of the development index is simmering with pedagogues, whether from SCERT or some small District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in a nondescript place like Lakhiserai.

Most Indian pedagogues take pride in the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 and it came as a surprise to know that Bihar was the first state to come up with its own Bihar Curriculum Framework. This was interesting news as Bihar is not considered any way up the literacy ladder.

No doubt that the people at SCERT took pride in it and the fact that they challenge the NCF and in fact made it add a chapter or two with inputs from Bihar.

I havent read the BCF or Bihar Curriculum Framework till now but its exciting that Bihar was the first state to produce its own Curriculum Framework.

I was also bowled over by the participation of the DIET teachers and Principals which attended a workshop done by my organisation. They were indeed grounded in pedagogy and towards the end surprised me as they summarised the learnings from a workshop which we conducted.

I have always felt that India would change the day Bihar changes and I am glad to know that it indeed is on its way in a bright way.

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