Thursday, July 8, 2010

Planning to drop the ‘Dear’

Of the many things in life that we take for granted…one of them is the word ‘Dear’…but in a special circumstance.

If your boss’s name is Shruti and one day you walk up to her and say “Dear Shruti…Can we discuss the upcoming project”. If not a slap…you are sure to get a frown from her…because its not the way we greet someone. I guess the most usual thing to say would be “Hi Shruti”

But if you were to write the same lines in a mail i.e “ Dear Shruti, Can we discuss the upcoming project”. You will definitely not be frowned upon.

That’s the strange thing about the word ‘Dear’. When you start a letter or mail with it…its all right…but the moment you utter it in a conversation…something’s wrong.

I guess…it has to do a lot with the school education most of us got…where all letters started with ‘Dear something something’ and even “Dear Sir”. How can someone you call ‘Sir’ be ‘Dear’ to you.

A few days back someone sent me an SMS saying “ Thanks dear…I got your mail”. I was fuming…how dare he call me ‘dear’.

May be its time to stop the strangeness around ‘Dear’ and evolve to a much healthier ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’…which you use in your daily lives. Lets start using ‘Hi’ and ‘hello’ in the e-mails and letters we use rather than the strange ‘Dear’.

Not convinced…

Then be honest with the ‘dear’ and … the next time you meet your CEO in the lift…Say “ Dear Shantanu (or whatever)…how are you?”

All the best

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