Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PTM dressing for parents

General magazines and fashion magazines have carried dozens of pages of models posing with varied dresses for different occasions. The occasions usually range from beach dressing to formal parties and business meetings to Friday dressing. But how would you react if the occasion is a PTM or Parent-Teacher Meeting? I could never imagine it to be a category. And…here I find the latest edition (March 2011) of Outlook carrying a ‘Women’s Day Special Supplement’, which apart from other categories like night out and meeting with clients also includes ‘Parent-Teacher Meeting’ (see pic) As an educationist it amuses me to see a ‘PTM’ to be hot on the couture circuit. After all do we really care what we wear to a PTM as a parent. On second thoughts…it very well could be an established category. Was sharing this with a friend of mine and she shared an incident, where at an admission meeting with parents, she felt out of place as she wasn’t dressed for the occasion as others were. As more and more schools are created and parents take their kid’s education seriously with PTM dressing, I wish… they also spend some time on thinking ‘what would add more value to the education of their child…apart from clothing?’

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GaneshYAI said...

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