Saturday, September 3, 2011


Happened to meet some great young people who have developed SKIDOS aka Smart Kids Outstanding Students. They are into G-Learning or Games Learning. Games developed around subjects taught in the classroom. So, you may have a match the body parts game for biology and you could have some fun as well. There are similar games for Maths, Science and even English.

But the most exciting part for me was games on entrepreneurship, wherein you are given a sum of money to buy resources and execute your project. So, for a lemonade game you may be given Rs 2000 to buy sugar, lemon and water etc.

Visually appealing these games are pitched as revision games to schools by SKIDOS. Though right now its all about getting them on to the computer room's server...but it would be good if we could have kiosks in lobby areas of the school, where kids could play these games on their own.

Do visit to check out.

Lately, I feel that these games are just examinations, which test information...may the next step for SKIDOS should be to create games which enhance learning rather than just enhance information. Now...thats the challenge.

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