Friday, August 9, 2013

Stellar Museum at Ambience Mall

With such a strong ad campaign...I couldnt stop myself but to be at the Children's Stellar Museum at Ambience Mall in Gurgaon.

I wonder why they chose to be called a Museum...may be because they thought parents would be happy to take kids to a museum than an entertainment centre. are my thoughts about the place.

Its basically a space with multiple areas where kids can entertain themselves and also get educated about some aspects. So, there is a space which has some dynamics of air...things fly, a place where you can build up stuff with blocks, a section...where you can play and channelise water...a place where you can play doctor doctor type games...some other sections where you can paint and play with clay...and other such activities

There are few more games...the most popular, where you can push some assorted straws to make some patterns. There is also a gear wall...which I was most amused with.

While its a good start by Indian standards...I think those guys need to do a need analysis with children and see what works and what doesnt as there are clearly some sections which kids are not at all amuse about.

I think a lot more can be added to make this place interesting. Right now as there is a vacuum in this arena...thats why this place has a foot fall...parents leave there children at this place..if they need to roam around the mall. Also, it seems to be a good place to do your birthday parties...saw many parents doing a reccee for a birthday party. The place also has a cafe.

While you should definitely take your kids to this place once...they need to do a lot to make this place happening. They need to be  introducing more stuff in the museum and may be stop calling it a museum and get some more hands on stuff.

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