Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Boost is the secret of my energy

This primer does not intend to increase your knowledge about the importance of energy in human life or the different forms of energy- We have already read a lot about it in our text books and have got bored writing examinations on the same. Neither is this primer intended to inform you on how to conserve energy – Generations of teachers and Principals have told us – Students! Put off the lights. Save Electricity! Electricity saved is electricity generated. But then, who cares! I am not sure many of us listened to all of those. And as long as we have energy use it. We’ll see when the fuel finishes. But its important we think about it – think about energy conservation because just saving energy wont take us anywhere. Saving energy is the first step to energy conservation. - Swithching off unwanted electrical gadgets is a good idea- they are not serving anyone - Swithching off the car engine at red light is a good idea- it saves lot of fuel. But is that enough. Perhaps not. May be we can invest in gadgets, which use and consume less energy. Great idea! Technology is the second step to energy conservation - Swithching to Compact Flourescent lamps from bulbs is a great idea- CFL’s consume 40% less electricity than normal bulbs. - Swithching to cars which are more fuel efficient is a great idea – More mileage means fuel saved and money too. So, is that it about energy conservation. Oh yes! Technology would also involve coming with more renewable energy alternatives, solar photovoltaic cells, wind power etc. But that isn’t the place where the buck stops. The third and final and the most important step of energy conservation is to stop consuming energy- the sustainable step. Yes! Although humans cannot stop consuming energy but they certainly can create situations where you don’t have to consume energy/or may be minimize it. - Start pulling up your curtains let light come in. When we have the sun, we don’t need to consume electricity during mornings. Lets construct and create houses, where there is enough natural light not to swithch on anything in the mornings. - Start staying close to your place of work or your school- then you can walk or cycle to your destination. Its hard to do that because different family members have different needs – but it isn’t impossible. All this will kill consumption and is perhaps the most sustainable thing to do. It is this step, we need to think, concentrate and research upon. We need to build cities and settlements in such a manner that there is no or minimal requirement of energy. Perhaps also create systems, which do not use energy. So, does the discussion on energy end here with sustainable solutions. Certainly not! Human cannot live without energy- we would require it for one reason or the other. Hence, we would no doubt have to go back to the technology step where we find newer forms of renewable energy. And as energy experts say, the key is in diversification, we must invest in all sorts of renewable energy sources –solar, wind, geothermal etc to have a energy secure future. The linkage of consumption of energy to two important happenings is very crucial for human existence – pollution and global warming Pollution A lot of the air pollution in our present day world can be attributed to the usage of fuels and energy. We know how the usage of ‘dirty diesel’ in Delhi was making its air a ‘killer’. It was only after CNG was introduced as an alternative for public transport that things started going in the right direction. It is the choice of cleaner fuels that can make a great impact on pollution issues around Global Warming As, energy consumption in the present world is directly linked to global warming, it surely is a matter or perusal. Whatever, stock of fossil carbon producing fuels we have at the moment, if we spend it fast the globe is going to grow warmer as much. Hence, it is only the judicious use and conservation of energy according to the three steps is going to help us.

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