Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cities can never be sustainable

Cities are moving towards increasing populations and development of infrastructures. Intellectuals are talking about better ways of making cities sustainable by mass transport systems to stop cars, by disincentivising cars, by making water recycling and harvesting mandatory. Institutions boast of their liquid and solid waste methodologies. But no matter what is said and done- the crux is that one can never make a city completely or even distinctively clean, non-polluting- sustainability is out of question. So, many people huddled together can never be sustainable and neither can be an urban sprawl. Cities are and would remain un sustainable. With increasing trends in urbanization and as the recent UN report puts that the urban population of the world set to increase. Everybody is missing the point and even the best of environmentalists or social thinkers cannot think of leaving the city. It high time we understand that cities are against nature and will always be. I am seriously thinking of shifting to a village and thinking of starting a campaign – chalo gaon ki ore

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