Friday, October 21, 2011

Choosing streams after class X

Choosing streams after class X could be tricky. The parents want something, the kid wants something else. Even if we leave to the kid...there is a tendency to go with the peer group. If the entire peer group is going for commerce...thats where you go. Its only when you are a week -ten days into the subjects that you realise ...whether that particular stream is your cup of tea. By that time its too late to change I guess.

Manleen Ahluwalia, ex Principal of Indian School shared in a training programme that she used to give 10 days for kids to decide. They could hop classes of every stream in class XI for the first 10 days of the academic year. Once they had taken a taste they were asked to choose one stream. This is a good idea, which needs to be replicated.

Also, may be we should give it a month or so rather than just 10 days. Loss of one month of Study? - Yes! But imagine the burden on the child for his whole life then. Its ok to leave a month I guess.

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