Friday, October 21, 2011

School Uniforms

Waise to there are many things that bug me about school uniforms including the concept itself (The uniform mafia etc) but its a reality that we will continue to use school uniforms.

But at least lets make them wearable and liveable

Had written a entry on uniforms of traffic cops (Read it here). Now let me get to the school uniform.

Shoes - As with the traffic cop analogy of how he is going to run...I think its high time we do away withe black leather hard sole which a kid cant run or play football. How about simple sport shoes with walkable which the kid can run or play football and there is no hassle of polishing shoes (for which kids are often reprimanded)

Pants - Why do we require formal pants on a daily basis...why dont we get to track pants, which are more comfortable. It wont even require a school belt...which is an added cost. Saw a kid from GD Goenka going to school this morning...was wearing a capri kind of pant...couldnt stop but click a picture of him. I dont know if it was their sports uniform or house uniform but it was peppy and made the kid look like a kid. See it below

Shirt - No average teenager or pre-teen likes to wear a shirt. Its so cumbersome. Why not have a T- shirt instead. I know schools have house uniforms with t-shirts...but thats only once or twice a week. Why invest so much in two types of uniforms - house and the regular. A T shirt does not even need to be tucked in with a track pant. seems schools are bribed by Nirma and other washing powder companies to have white or other light shaded colour shirts. I would probably go for dark colours and bright colours - dark blue- dark grey- black and what not.

A 'Tie' is something that should be banned anyways for a tropical country like India.

Caps - Its high time the school introduced good quality school caps. Caps could help them in the sun...when they play or walk back home or wait for their bus.

There could actually be a convention on school uniforms. Let me give this idea to a friend who is in the business of making school uniforms.


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