Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Appreciation Tags for school students

Happen to be at Springdays School, Jabalpur sometime back on some official work.

Its a usual small town school by the look of it but I found something unusual about the school.

While roaming around the school...found some students going around with 'unusual' name tags...like Punctuality, Confident, All rounder etc. It was obvious the guy with the 'confident' tag was confident but the practice of tagging kids was interesting.

Instead of the usual intelligent and non-intelligent categories which conventional schools often tag(virtual not real) students with...this was different.

Dont know about the long term ramifications of this practice but I guess there is actually no harm in such 'appreciation' or 'acknowlegement' tags. I wonder what are the long term ramifications of this on the kids?

Spoke to the Principal...and complimented her for starting this practice. She told me that she had actually got the idea from some school in Delhi. Dont know... but havent seen any school actually doing this. The only tags that I have seen are the class monitor, School Captain and House Captain tags.

Well...if we follow this I am sure every kid would have at least one tag to flaunt...and happy kids lead to better learning.

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