Monday, June 18, 2012

Ferrari ki Sawaari

Watched the film Ferrari ki Sawaari...nice film.

One of the first few scenes in the film touched a cord somewhere.

The father is driving his son to school on his scooter and break a traffic signal.

He immediately realises the mistake and stops....asks the son to look for a cop...but there is no cop around.

They go ahead to the next intersection and find a traffic cop there. The father walks up to the cop and tells that he broke a traffic signal at the last intersection... and wants to pay the fine. The cop asks who caught you...he says nobody...we have come on our own.

The cop is astonished and says that if nobody caught you or saw you breaking the light...why didnt you just ride away...why have you come to me.

The father says...somebody did see. (Frankly speaking I thought the father would answer that
'God saw me'....but the script write tripped me)

The cops asks 'who saw you'

And the father points towards his son. He says..."My son saw me break the signal and I cant go ahead without paying a fine"

That was a Wow point for me in the film...not because the script bowled me but because it just made me present to what true parenting is. Its anybody's answer...what that kid is going to grow into?

My friend runs a parenting insitute...would definitely ask him to include this clip in his parenting workshops at Parwarish.

As a school educator what fascinated me was the simplicity with which the message gets conveyed...class.
I wish I could write similar scripts in the school education domain.

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