Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gross Motor Skills

We do talk about skill based learning at least in Early Childhood education. And in the domain of physical development...gross motor skills are a lot talked about. In fact you will find a number of lesson plans on gross motor skills with kids being asked to walk on a line drawn on the ground or walk on bricks.

Visited a school in a hamlet in Punjab. It had rained the day before and as the road was not metalled at this there was mud  around. There were pools of rainwater everywhere and I had a difficult time reaching the school...jumping here and there...carefully placing my foot at places where I could get a grip.

After the school got over...was going back and saw some young kids negotiating the mud filled road...and then I realised...what nonsense it is to teach these kids gross motor skills...when they are getting developed anyhow on the road.

These kids are anyway skilled.

Perhaps the curriculum for these small ones in rural areas need to be customised to cater to only those skills which matter or may get missed out.

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sashablk said...


I can see the place where my car was stuck for more than an hour and had to be towed out by a tractor using tow chain.

I often do gross motor activity while visiting this school as there is no Pucca road.