Friday, June 14, 2013

Why aren’t our teachers fun? Why aren’t they mad sometimes?:Gangnam Style dance video by a Teacher

Teachers are folks who have to be serious. Whether we like it or not...thats the norm. Dare a teacher try to act anything but serious. The more serious you are, the better are the chances to go up the ladder.

While there are teachers who are friends with children but they never explore being fun with children. While its an established norm in early childhood education for teachers to do some mad drama for children...we believe that children don’t require that madness or drama as they grow up.

A tweet from Huffington post led me to  a video of a Head Teacher of a School who turned mad publicly...just to add fun and keep a promise he had made. This teacher had promised his students that if they keep up there grades, he will to a Gangnam style dance for all of them. The students got the grades and the teacher decided to do a video, which apparently is a hit on youtube. Find a link to the video in the end.

If you see the beginning of the video...he seems a serious teacher...the one I talked about. But its his dynamism that he had the courage to turn mad (read fun) for his students. I am sure his lectures will now be listened to and children will have fun being in his matter he is serious in his classroom.

It takes courage to be mad and madness often helps with brings fun, which is a necessary element of education.

I remember Aamir Khan doing Bum Bum Bole and some gimmicks for his class and remember the times when our teachers would shake a leg in some farewell party. I think I developed a liking for those teachers who could move out and be mad.

Inviting teachers around the world to experiment with madness.

Presenting the first mad video by a teacher in public

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