Sunday, June 16, 2013

Suli Breaks Videos...Moving on from Ken Robinson's TED talks

I bumped into Suli Breaks on the net.

This man is up to something. As I watched ' I will not let an exam result decide my fate'...I was immediately able to connect to this guy.

The simplicity with which he talks about the issues of the education industry is amazing. No big jargon...just plain little talk.

What clarity.

 One thing that I immediately connected was the fact that we studied so much in school and university but dont remember even a tiny percentage of it. This resonated with something similar which I mention in my talks and in my book..."I remember just 5% of what i studied in school, university and college'

Ken Robinson was the rockstar in terms of great education related stuff on videos and I admire him a lot...but I am really excited about his new genre of videos from Suli Breaks. Though I also watched his first one on education i.e Why I hate school but love education. But this one ' I will not let an exam result decide my fate' is a block buster.

I particularly like the part when the kid tells the lady...that you were young at some point of time...but not right now.

I do have a dream of starting a Teachers' Band...which sings for the education revolution. But until that happens...and until we have quexaminations.

Watch Suli Breaks and connect with it as we revolutionise education.

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