Friday, December 2, 2011

All School Stuff

One very exciting development has taken place in the school education domain specifically with reference to services.

Imagine a one stop site to order anything related to schools...books for your kid, a pencil box, an interesting book or a even a lunch box...or an activity kit. You can order it online and it comes to your door.

If you notice there is so much paraphernalia related to school or should I say 'school stuff'...thats what is all about. The website also has furniture items on display.

Whats most exciting for me is that its the first exclusive web portal to buy stuff related to schools. It will be a great portal in time to come as the portal lays on the table training modules of coaching centres, competitive exam books and may be even educational gaming. As I see it will be a website where a number of companies would be vying for space. If amply networked with social networking sites being used by students, teacher sand parents...I see a great future for the portal and a great service to people in the school education domain.

Though I will be satisfied only when the portal puts forth products which really enable learning...more of activity kits...maths, science, social science. And also fun products for children...funky t-shirts on school education and tit-bits products for school events...teachers day, school farewells and what not.

I hope the founders do focus on products which aid learning (read teaching learning aids) and revolutionary products in the space of school education. Its only then that the portal will become a real contributor to taking school education to the next level and not just become a stationary shop on the web.

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