Friday, January 6, 2012

Jeans as school uniform

Had written an entry on school uniforms a while back...about pants, shoes etc. Read it here

Talking about pants, I have often talked about comfort wear. Now what could be a comfort and trendy wear than a Jeans....and its durable too...ready for the wear and tear of an average school day.

Now I found a school which has jeans as a part of thier school uniform and that school is no metro...its in Mandi...a small town in Himachal Pradesh. Indus World School, Mandi has jeans as their school uniform. Check out the pictures of some students below:

I also like the placing of the logos of the school...done very nicely.

Chandan and Bharti, founders of the school shared that 'Jeans was the obvious choice'. Incidentally Chandan was wearing a jeans on the day.

Generations of teenagers have longed to wear a jeans to school...may be on a half day or off day.

I am sure students of Indus World School, Mandi are not part of that jeans is official.


काजल कुमार Kajal Kumar said...

very good ☺ it is ok with cold places if does not interfere with discipline .

Shirley Unity said...

I think jeans as school uniform is great! I hope school uniform suppliers like Shirts United, may continue developing school uniforms.