Thursday, February 16, 2012

The demise of 'I cant'

I have written at length about the Principal's room in my book 'To, The Principal...Yours sincerely'...about how we could add more value to the room.

Met up with the Nashy Chauhan, Director of Anand Niketan School, Satellite Town, Ahmedabad. One interesting thing that I noticed in the room was an interesting wall hanging. I was thrilled to find it on the wall of the office of school leadership. A clear departure from the conventional quotes...I would say.

The wall had a framed picture of 'I cant' with a garland around it...signifies the demise of the person in the picture. Now with 'I cant' written on the was obviously the demise of 'I cant'...interesting way to put the message across to students and teachers alike.

Just loved it.

Any more ideas for the room of a school leader?

P.S - Interestingly, the idea of the innovation lab mentioned in my book has already been put into practice and initiated at the school. Saw some scooters opened up in their basement. A Maruti 800 donated by the Director was waiting to be doctored.

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Gaurav Bhatnagar said...

This is called thinking out of the box. Only someone who is passionate about his work can think of it... ha ha...