Monday, March 5, 2012

Teachers Outbound

Its a trend in the corporate sector these days especially in the multi-nationals to take executives on outbound trips...where they spend a day or two in natural surroundings doing various kinds to activities (river rafting, rappling etc) to enhance their team skills and many other facets. take teachers on an outbound trip is something not many schools want to indulge in. While teachers may accompany students on outbound trips...there arent many schools, who would take teachers on an outbound trip...just to enrich the team which runs a school.

(walking the tight rope - Principal of the school...does it too)

I am glad its started happening. Was at the Indus World School, Indore's outbound trip. A bunch of 51 teachers from two schools in Indore were taken to a camping site near Kolar Dam in M.P.

Starting from treasure hunts in the jungle to team activities to risk taking and trust had everything.

Like in many such exercises...there was a post activity reflection and it was fun to see how things got related to day to day activities in school.

Now the trip didnt have much to do teaching -learning activities in the classroom but I am sure the batch of 51 walked out as better teachers..any day.

(the balancing act)

Just like our students like doing all this...our teachers love it too. HR informs me that some outdoor activity is a part of the recruitment process at Indus World Schools.

A process to emulate.

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