Friday, April 20, 2012

Jodogyan Resource Centre and Shop

I have known of Jodogyan for a long long time...and really appreciate their work. But wonder how I never got a chance to be at their store at Jia Serai, near IIT Delhi.

Last week I was there and was thrilled to be there. A must visit for any teacher. I am sure you will pick up a lot of stuff even if you had walked in without the thought of buying something.

Interestingly apart from the Maths and Science kits around...there is a book corner as well. You will find all the important and popular titles on school education at this place. Krishna Kumar's old book 'Learning from Conflict' which is hard to find anywhere can be found here...I picked up one.

The address is- Jodogyan Resource Centre, 28A/1, Jia Sarai, Hauz Khas, Near IIT Gate, New Delhi-110016
Phone- 011-32400290; 09891516084

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